Repurposed Spice Storage Solution

Living in a small space, helps me be a bit more creative when it comes to storage solutions. Let me show you what you could do to utilize wall space to organize your spices and free up prime real estate in your cabinets.

I discovered an old wooden drawer while I was cleaning out my father’s garage. I knew it had potential for something, at that point I was just not sure exactly what. I took the drawer home and cleaned it up. Brushing it off with a nylon brush to clean any loose debris from it then gave it a quick scrub down with a disinfectant. Now, this old drawer is ready for its new life in my cottage. I held the drawer up vertically on a few different walls, then horizontally. I even leaned it up against the wall and put a few things on it to see if something would scream out to me. Well it didn’t, so under my couch it went for a few months.

At this point my spice cabinet situation has become disastrous. My spice cabinet was filled front to back with all of my spices. We all know how much of a headache this is. Having to dig to the very back for that spice that you thought you had, only to find out that you ran out. It was at that very moment when a light went off in my head. The wooden drawer was destined for this. Under the couch I went to pull out the wooden drawer. The spice containers fit perfectly.


I marked out where I wanted to hang the shelf. Found where the studs were and secured the shelf with screws. I mounted the drawer vertically to utilize every square inch of shelf space.

The most practical way to organize my spice shelf was in the order of use. The spices I use everyday on the top shelf. Followed by the less used spices at the bottom. I can see all my spices at a glance, plus I have a whole shelf now empty in my cabinet.

All great ideas are created through necessity.



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